Swetaa Suresh & Shehan Suresh


Netflix. I can guarantee most of you have heard of this multi-billion dollar corporation and have probably used it at one point in your life. With COVID-19, many of us either purchased a subscription with them or increased our usage of the platform. I’ve always wanted to know how my Netflix usage was throughout the year. And with Spotify Wrapped being released quite recently, I thought I could do the same with Netflix.


The application is a Chrome extension which allows you to see your usage throughout the year. Initially when the idea was thought of, I brainstormed features that people would enjoy seeing. This included total watch time, weekly/monthly usage, top genres watched, binged shows, favourite movie/show and number of movies/shows watched. I brought these ideas to Shehan, and discussed the implementation and feasibility of certain ideas. One idea that we dismissed was the concept of favourite movie/show, since we could not determine a suitable metric to determine this. More features were included as the product was being made. …


Swetaa Suresh

Aspiring Product Manager

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